Rangiora Menz Shed

Just a few of the many things we have made.

We have also done numerous repair jobs, from broken or loose chair or table legs, to broken clothes lines, as well as helping one another with various tasks on various occassions.


Small Planter Boxes.


A Large Planter Box.


A Weta Motel!

An early project was Planter Boxes
and at $20 each this helped to build Shed funds.


We later had a request for a much larger box.


An unusual request was for a 'Weta Motel', to be placed near a forest hut in the Lindis Pass.











Quite early on we were asked to make a Playhouse as a Birthday present for a 4 year old granddaughter.
Here we are loading for delivery.


Delivered, and on site.


Part of the team.






Plant climber.


Benches for the IHC.



Much smaller - A Plant Climber. A failed project as it didn't sell.


We were asked to make two benches for the local IHC (the Society for Intellectually Handicapped Children).


The lady who requested these was so pleased that she requested a pair for herself.
Shed member Charlie, in the blue dustcoat, added a further single chair.

Pony Jump1.


Pony Jump2.


Display Wheelbarrow

Back to the big stuff - Two pony clubs approached us with requests for jumps.
This was made from scratch, as requested.


This was a repair and refurbishment job. Representing a long-range camera, hence the black box at the far end, it is actually three different height jumps.


A garden plant display wheelbarrow, as requested by the wife of now departed good Shed member Michael Vaughan.
Another item which she will be able to remember that he made for her.






We have made three caskets, on request from


those planning a future cheap departure.


Made to measure.






Austin Seven woodwork1.


Austin Seven woodwork2.


Sandwich board

We were asked to make the inside woodwork for a 1928 Austin Seven body shell.


Originally a wooden framework was covered
by the aluminium, but someone is now supplying an aluminium shell. So the assembly is reversed


A wheelable sandwich board for advertising the ware of the A & P Showgrounds
Function Centre Café.






Playschool seat.


A playschool 'partition'.


Sandwich board

A local playschool requested invertable chidrens' seats.


The playschool also wanted what they called a 'partition'.


We also did numerous repairs and repaints of metal playschool scooters.
We made this wooden one and, again, surprising didn't sell.






Santa's chair.





We were asked to make Santa's chair by a school which holds an annual Christmas Grotto.


A more recent production (October 2017) was a lecturn for the Probus Club.


We were asked to make a rustic-finish mud kitchen for a 3˝ year old.






This Page will be added to in due course.











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