Rangiora Menz Shed
Boys' Toys & Gear for Girls February 2012

The Northern A & P Association held a "Boys' Toys & Gear for Girls" weekend over the 25th/26th February 2012 at the Rangiora Showgrounds. As the Rangiora Menz Shed have the use of part of a building on the site the opportunity was taken to hold a fund-raising 'Garage Sale', while also raising awareness of 'The Shed' to the general public in the area. From both perspectives it was a very successful weekend and members' wives also got involved with the publicity, with hundreds of informative leaflets being given out.

Below are pictures taken over the weekend showing the external and internal layout ready for the public. (Then Secretary, Gary is shown inspecting progress on the installation of a wood lathe, and then partaking of a mug of coffee prior to the advance of the public.)

Sale picture
Sale picture
Sale picture
Sale picture

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