Rangiora Menz Shed
Background to The Rangiora Menz Shed

With an initial meeting in September 2010, when names were volunteered to form a working party, the Rangiora Menz Shed was formalised the following November. (Earthquakes tend to slow things up!)

It was soon discovered that finding a suitable location for a 'shed' and raising the necessary funding was going to be a lengthy process. Many who joined us initially could obviously not 'run the course' and have simply left. With a fluctuating membership it was decided that we needed something temporary in order to maintain interest and actually offer something to members, rather than simply talk of what we would wish to do; if, and when, our funding requests might reach the right
'understanding and sympathetic ears'.
With subsequent suggestions for something suitable, members volunteered to investigate these potential opportunities. With the ongoing Canterbury and Christchurch earthquakes, and the subsequent large influx to Rangiora of 'migrants' from Christchurch, buildings which may have previously been available to us then had people competing to pay rent for the use of such buildings. We have very, very little money!
It had been decided earlier that we have a nominal $10 subscription in order to (a) show that while requesting funding we were doing something for ourselves, and (b) to show a committment by members to the 'Shed' and, identifying those who might be there 'simply for the ride'. However, this subscription was certainly not sufficient to compete with businesses prepared to pay a realistic rent.

While still persuing potential sites for a permanent building and continuing the long process of fund raising, despite a number of temporary locations proving to be impractical or unavailable, perseverance finally paid off. An initial contact by a member, followed by a formal request from our Chairman to the Committee responsible for the Rangiora Agricultural and Pastoral Showgrounds, revealed the possible availability of a portion of a shed used simply for storage, which was in need of being sorted, tidied up, and have electricity installed. Subsequent visits by our Chairman and members of our working party showed that this shed area could be tidied and electrified, and there would then be space available for us. As a community orientated group we would be able to repay the kindness of the A & P President, Committee and last, but not least, the Grounds Manager, by undertaking small, but possibly labour intensive, maintenance of the Showgrounds.

We were finally 'in business'!

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