Rangiora Menz Shed

What is a 'Menz Shed'?

The 'Shed'

The 'Shed' is any sort of building/construction were men of any age may meet on an informal basis.


Many men, especially those in later life and retired, work in isolation at home or in their garage or workshop. They may, or may not have a partner, but the partner may well have non-men's interests, thus it is difficult for the 'solitary' man to have a 'sounding board' to bounce ideas off, or to assist with skills which the man himself may not have. However, a group of men would doubtless be able to assist in such situations. The 'shed' also provides an opportunity make new friends, meet others for companionship and/or to learn new skills.


Individual Menz Sheds have their own rules. Some restrict membership to only older men. It has been the decision of the initial Rangiora Menz Shed membership that that our membership be available to men of any age. Younger members will need to be supervised due to the potential of there being active machinery.


While initial thoughts had been to having woodworking and metal working facilities, and we now have these, but they are by no means 'hard and fast' ideas. As times change, so will interests and there is no reason why we cannot, for example, have such as vehicle restoration, aeromodelling, model cars/trains/boats, or whatever, also catered for. The idea is to simply have companionship, share knowledge and to be able to help one another and the general community.

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