Rangiora Menz Shed
Welcome to The Rangiora Menz Shed
North Canterbury, New Zealand


The Rangiora Menz Shed have
had a Shed since 2011

Come and join us!

'Rangiora' in the name only indicates the location of the 'Shed'. It by no means limits or restricts membership to simply residents of Rangiora.

Membership is open to any community minded adult male,
and juniors as approved by the membership.

There is a nominal membership subscription of $20.

For further details contact -
the Secretary, Chris Gunn, on (03) 323-9011 or clangunn(at)snap.net.nz
the Chairman, Peter Cornelius, on (03) 313-6501 or peter-c(at)triumph.gen.nz

For both e-mail addresses above replace the (at) with an @
(Shown here that way in order to minimise spamming.)

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